Sunday, May 17, 2009

With a mug like that I guess your daughter can skip the America's Next Top Model audition

I guess you won't be hurrying down to the American Idol try-outs, I wouldn't even sing in the shower with that voice.

Did you sign your wife up for What Not To Wear? She has the fashion sense of an 85 year old escapee from the nursing home.


Even if I thought it (which I do not) I would NEVER say it.

I would never suggest someone try out for The Biggest Loser. You put on a few extra pounds or should I say tons?

Or maybe you are in your late twenties and not married yet, have you thought about applying for The Bachelor? Hmm, maybe you need Extreme Makeover first.

Your house is needs some updating, it is kind of a dump. Have your lived here long? Oh, let's nominate you for Extreme Home Makeover!

Have a couple more kids and you can get your own reality show. They can call it, John and Kate Know How To Mate.

No normal person would say those things.

So, why do people think it is ok to say this:

Them: Are you going to apply for it?

Me: What? Spanish Immersion (one track mind)?

Them: No, Supernanny, the auditions are coming to the Springs.

Me: No, I am not.

Them: Why not? It would be great.

Me: Not for me.

Them: But you have the three boys, everyone who knows you would think it is so funny.

Me: No, we are not going to sign up.

Them: Really, it would be so fun.

Me: No, I do not think it would be so fun.

Back up to earlier this morning.
Carter had a friend sleepover and join us for church.
Ben and Griffin were at a father/son camp out for cub scouts.
Hayden decided to sit with Carter and his friend during church. They were so good. I was right behind them. Carter was rubbing his little brother's back for most of the service. I was so impressed.

And then someone has to assume that since I have boys, I need Supernanny.

Do they get a little crazy sometimes? Yes.
Do they burp and fart and think it is hysterical? Yes.
Do they act any different than any other boys? NO!

Do not assume because they are boys that they are bad. Boys are different. Different is good.

100 reasons why I love the Testosterone Zone.

I wish people could think before they speak. I realize he thought what he was saying was hysterical. In fact, he probably thought about it all week and couldn't wait until he saw me on Sunday to mention it.

What I should have said was:
Do you think my parenting skills are so bad? Or is it my children you find horrible? Why would you assume being a parent of three boys would automatically make me interested in Supernanny?

Or perhaps I should have just said:
F _ _ k off. (which is exactly what I was thinking at the time.)


Hillary Dickman said...

Oh, man. That really sucks. I'm so sorry. And, I don't think your boys are naughty enough for the Nanny. Not even close.

I can't believe that someone would say that to you. Or anyone else. Mind boggling.

Liz said...

People do think that boys are being bad when in fact they are just being boys! I had someone tell my almost 2 year old son at preschool (my son was running up and down the hall while we waited for my daughter) that he was being naughty. She is lucky I didn't bitch slap her!

Elaine A. said...

I'm sorry that idiot made a stupid assumption like that but I'm kinda glad he did since it made for a really funny post! HA HA HA! "John and Kate Know How to Mate!" Hilarious!!

MeKimka said...

You actually have to AUDITION for that show? People show up and try to have even worse behaved kids than the family in front of them? What a twisted world we live in. You should have said, "We're already booked for Mommy Knows What's Best. So F _ _ k off."

Remember what the first 3 letters of assume are.

Ginger said...

My SIL has suggested that I watch Supernanny. She has two girls.

Kristen said...

Oh.My.Hell! People are rude. Like you I have boys and yes they are boys but they are normal and I would have wanted to flip this person off. Good for you for keeping your cool, I probably would have just stood there with my mouth hanging open from shock. Does this person think that every mom of boys needs a supernanny? What a dork.

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