Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Fun, Mother's Tea, Racing, Camping

Carter and Griffin have 8 days of school left. Hayden has 3 days. Our 8 consecutive years of preschool is over. I will cover this crazy feeling more in another post. As we wrap up the school year the days are filled with activities. (As I write this I should be getting ready to attend the volunteer breakfast at school.) Here is a quick look, in pictures, of the last few weeks.

Our last preschool Mother's Tea. The kids are so proud of their song, the room looks beautiful, the kids drew a picture and wrote a description of their mother.

Hayden's said:
Dark hair and curly
She is 84 years old
A hat that fits her
She loves crunchy food
She goes to the park and garage sales
When I am at school she texts and knits
Her job is to knit
We go on adventures together
For fun she drinks coffee and looks on the computer
She kisses and loves me

Hayden with his preschool buddies.

Me and Hayden at his Mother's Tea

Griffin ran in the Landsharks Running Club again this spring. His first race was rained out so they combined the first two meets, he ran a 400m (1 lap) and a 50m (sprint). Way to go Griffin.

We took our first camping trip of the season to Lathrop State Park. The kids had a great time on the lake. We went with our neighbors, our group was 4 adults and 6 kids. We all had fun. Ben and our boys, along with the neighbor and his son will be going back the first weekend in June. Their first boys only camping trip. Hmm, what is a mom to do all weekend by herself? So far I am planning to clean the house, precook lots of meals, write tributes to the men in my life, yeah, I am just kidding. Maybe sleep in and watch a Lifetime movie.

Carter jumped over the split rail fence and broke it. He is becoming camera shy so I have to sneak these pictures.

Part of the beach fun is jumping off the bench into the water. Doesn't it look like he is walking on water? I snapped it just before those feet landed in the cold water.

Griffin also made an adorable Mother's Day tribute to describe me. His was a fill in the blank style. Here is is, complete with spelling and grammatical errors:
My mother has brown hair and green eyes.
My mother likes to rest.
My mother is prettiest when put's on make up.
I like for her to cook eggs.
I don't like when she cooks asperuges.
She likes me to help her cook.
My mom thinks the best present I could give her is love.
We really have fun when we go places.
My mom is so special because she is nice.

Griffin at the park.

Do you notice the black dot on my camera? What is that? I have tried cleaning the lens. Is it time for a new camera? psst, say yes, new camera.


Patrice said...

Cute pictures!! The little questionnaires were cute, too! Gotta love hearing about you from their perspective!

MeKimka said...

Yes, new camera.
Happy Mother's Day!

Elaine A. said...

Yep, definitely need a new camera, oh yeah...

Hayden is like a little male version of you! I had no idea how much you two look alike - WOW!

Sounds like things are busy for you... Happy end of the year!

Louise Shields said...

Enjoyed reading your post. Nice kid. And yes, the camera says "Yes". Hehe.