Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I hope he remembers this lesson

Buying on credit.

When you don't have quite enough birthday money to buy that Ipod,

And you KNOW your Great Aunt will send a gift card, but it hasn't come yet,

And your Mom offers to front you the money until the other gift card comes,

You MUST pay her back when the gift card comes,

And it hurts so much to hand over that shiny, new gift card.

You know that feeling Griffin?

That's how it is with credit cards too.

You don't think of how it feels to pay it back when you are "buying" something. And it feels so much better to pay in cash in the first place. It is painful to pay down your credit card when you can't remember what you purchased. That's why Dad and I are not using the credit card anymore.

I wish we had covered this lesson from Dave Ramsey before I gave you the money for the Ipod. It would have made yesterday so much more fun.


Charity said...

Great way to explain it! I am on boy #3 now and am always looking for creative ways to explain the ways in which the world supposedly works (to them of course) :)

Liz said...

My hubby and I live by Dave Ramsey! We only pay in cash and we haven't had a credit card in 4 years!! Good lesson to teach.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

That's one of the most awesome ways to explain it!

I think this is a lesson Griffin will hopefully carry with him his entire life.

Susi said...

ooh, that's great!! I'm sure this is something that won't easiliy be forgotten.

Elaine A. said...

OOOh, I bet that was tough. But I also bet he may have learned his lesson. Good job Mom. : )

Elaine A. said...
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