Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Too Many Updates TUESDAY

I have been feeling this way for a while.

After Auds posted this I knew I wasn't alone.

My brain started spinning, after all those martinis it actually hurt. Then I came up with an idea.

What if everyone did a blog post once a week with all their favorite updates, from Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere.

You could get a quick look at everybody's week.
Let everyone know what else has been going on since there is less time for blogging!
Get more friends on Facebook.
Get more followers on Twitter.

Ok, the last two reasons are just the icing on top.

Then my mind started spinning again, ouch...

Facebook Friday, nah, Friday is busy enough without adding another commitment and it leaves out Twitter.

Let's see, today is Tuesday.....

And so we have Too Many Updates Tuesday!

I hope you like it and feel like joining in.

Here are my updates for the week:

Laura is glad the furnace IS NOT broken. Laura is NOT glad Hayden stuck the plastic tail from Griffin's new kite into the air return and mucked it up. Dec 30, 7:44am

Laura is having a hard time remembering it is only Thursday. Doesn't it feel like Saturday? Jan 1,9:54pm

Laura is ready for the kids to go to the bus stop on Monday! Oh wait, not until THURSDAY!! AWW, Come on! Jan 2, 5:59pm

Laura is finding it hard to believe Griffin is going to be 8 tomorrow. Jan 4, 7:04pm

Laura has submitted the park reservation application and is now in the planning phase of the Sue DiNapoli Ovarian Cancer Awareness Walk (and hopefully 5K run). Jan 5, 9:06am

Laura is regretting teaching Hayden an appropriate word for part of his body. His new favorite word rhymes with BESTICLES. Jan 5, 6:31pm

Laura is hopeful you will link up and join in! Simply write your post (or copy and paste from Facebook, like I did) and add a link to this post.

And you may have noticed this is my 200th post. I didn't plan that this way. I was thinking I would do something like this. That was my most popular post EVER. Maybe this will be just as popular, it can be with your help. LINK UP!


Auds at Barking Mad said...

OMG this is AWESOME!

I'm going to link up later today or tomorrow, cause it's gonna take me that long to get all my stuff together.

OMG this is just too funny. Can you imagine the posts? This is the greatest idea!

Elaine A. said...

What a great idea. I will try to remember to do next week. Are you on twitter? If not you need to be - it's a lot of fun!