Sunday, December 7, 2008

They may NEVER leave

What a difference a few years makes.

Carter, the ten year is embarrassed to have a mother.

Hayden, the four year old wants to marry me.

Griffin, the seven year old knows he will marry a girl about his age. Knows I have many cute baby things to save for her, baby's first Christmas ornaments, coming home from the hospital outfits, nursery bedding I made for him.

Griffin is also under the delusion that he and his new bride will move into our basement guest room and live there forever.

Me: Look at this cute ornament. Your wife will love to see it when you come home for Christmas EVERY YEAR to see your mom and dad.

Griffin: Oh, don't worry mom. I'm gonna see if she wants to live here. We could take the guest room in the basement.

Me: Or your room on bunkbeds.

Griffin: No, we need to sleep in the same you and dad.

Me: What if daddy and I don't live here anymore?

Griffin: Then we'll take your room.

And then I found this article.FindArticles - Today's 30-somethings living just like yesterday's teenagers; Study
Sunday Herald, The, Jun 20, 2004, by Jenifer Johnston

It could really happen.

What if he doesn't grow out of it?

What if she actually agrees to move into our basement?

Maybe I should start showing Griffin real estate in his price range. When he goes to the Olympics he should have plenty of endorsments and can buy his own house....

Or better yet, He can have this one and buy his mom and dad a new house!


Debbie said...

Sometimes mine still talk about moving back home later or living next door. I think I'd love it! I guess I'm bad for them.

Kristen said...

I haven't even considered my kids moving a wife int one day. That is funny that he already has it all planned out, maybe they will have kids and it will be girls and then you can see all the drama that I hear comes with teenage girls! hee,hee