Thursday, August 21, 2008

Really mom, you embarrass me

I had a great plan. Since all the boys are three years apart in school it worked perfectly. It kept everything fair and equal.
I am all about being fair and equal.

I will room parent for 9 years. In our school the room parents plan the three class parties, and act as a liaison for the PTO. I love a good party and really enjoy telling people what to do (just kidding) so this is the job for me.

It started out great. I was room parent for Carter's kindergarten and first grade classes. Now I could have done second grade also while waiting for Griffin to start school, but then that wouldn't have been fair, so I took a year off.

Then I was room parent for Griffin's kindergarten and first grade.

This was Carter's year again. 5th grade, the last year of elementary school.

I guess I forgot to mention my plan to him, or maybe he liked it better when I explained it to him in second grade, "I can't be your room parent this year, it wouldn't be fair. But when you are in 5th grade honey bunny, I will, I promise, it's the plan. Kindergarten, First and Fifth for each of my boys. Then I also have three years off when Hayden is in 2-4th if I want to be PTO President." I am sure his initial responses was, "Yes Mommy, that sounds like a great plan, I am sure I will still want you in my classroom when I am in 5th grade, who wouldn't? Can you come everyday to my class and sit right next to me?"

Ok, so it may not have gone like that, but I am pretty sure he was on board with the plan.

And then he entered fifth grade.

And now he is hesitant (and by hesitant I mean he may need therapy later) about having me be room parent.

Carter: "Fine Mom, you can plan the parties, but don't come to the parties."

Me: "Why not?"

Carter: "Really mom, you embarrass me."

Me: "How?"

Carter: "When you say, where's my little Carter."

Me: "I promise I won't do that anymore." I don't think I really do this, do I?

Carter: "Ok, fine. You can come to my class. I'll just pretend I don't know you."

This wasn't part of the plan.


Carol said...

I didn't think we got to be embarrassing until they were way older than 5th grade.

Bless him and you!

The Mrs. said...

ouch. it is hard when they tell you what they think to be the harsh reality. Just yesterday my three year old, so lovingly turned to me and asked me to stand over there. and then pointed to the other room.

Lynette said...

I've moved up to "Can you just drop me off at the mall?" No more mommy & me shopping. Unless, we're doing school shopping, in which case, MOOOOM, I am not a baby. ::sigh:: The grow up so fast

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Just tell him you will wear a pair of glassess with a moustache and no one will even know you are his mother!

I don't remember being embarrassed by my parents until at least 8th grade. I guess they really do start everthing younger these days!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

We had our first day earlier this week and my just turned fifth grader wanted me OUT of her room but there I was snapping picture after picture 'smile' 'go stand by the teacher' 'stand by your table mate'---wow I embarass myself :0

BookMomma said...

Please don't tell me they start this in fifth grade!! It will break my heart...

Maybe I should start preparing myself now for the inevitable. Or maybe I'll just keep having babies so there's always one in the house that thinks I'm the bees knees. (Um, 'bees knees'? Does anyone over eighty say that anymore??)

Trooper Thorn said...

You can pretend you don't know him either. He can be the odd foreign exchange student with the hard to pronounce name you keep forgetting.

Tell the other teachers he is allergic to foods he is not actually allergic to, so that when they have field trips or class parties, he's the kid who can only have mashed potatoes while everyone else gets cupcakes.

Formercitygirl said...

I'm sorry, but that made me laugh. I'm sure I won't be laughing in a few years when my daughters say that to me. Happy POW.

4funboys said...

ha... it must be in their genes.

Kyle tries to be a litle more diplomatic about it now... but the general idea is the same.

Really mom, go quick before anyone knows I'm with you.

What's up with that???

Elaine A. said...

{tee hee!}

B Boys Mom said...

Let me tell you it's only the beginning for you. Middle schools kid's don't even want to walk on the same side walk as mom! My youngest is in 5th grade too this year.