Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've heard rumors it still exists

Remember the commercial for Caribbean Cruise lines with the family and the preteen daughter? It went something like this:

"We've come to the Caribbean in search of something this family rarely sees. I've heard rumors it still exists, but I don't know. We've tried everything to coax it out into the open."

At this point, the camera focuses on the daughter, who's cracking a smile. "Wait, there it is. She's actually smiling." But as soon as the daughter sees she's being watched, she frowns and rides off on a jet ski. "And then it's gone in a flash."

Last week the boys had two days off from school. I know what you are thinking, What, they just started on the 14th! Yes, two days off for reading testing. Our tests were on Friday. We had Thursday free, hmm what to do with a summer day and no school and no pool....Oh yeah the boat!

We drove to the lake and had a fun day on Grandpa's boat. His friends joined us with their jet skis. The boys had a blast.

I immediately thought of that commercial when I saw Carter doing this

And Griffin doing this

There must be a picture from my Dad's camera of Carter and I on a jet ski too. But here is one with Hayden. He was very nervous about trying it at first, he sat on it, then they went around the boat twice, then they took off and had fun.

We all did this

It was a great day off. Big smiles were seen all day.

Griffin said he was saving for a jet ski. Then, two days later, when faced with the opportunity to take his two dollars to the mall, he changed his plan.

"When I'm the next Phelps, I'll just get endorsements and they will give me a jet ski for free."


Weber said...

Wonderful pictures! What a fun time. :)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

What fun! I am jealous!

Carol said...

So incredibly envious.

Looks like a fab day.

B Boys Mom said...

Look like everyone had a great day.