Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dear Ripper,

Dear Ripper,

I am getting closer to finding out your identity.

First, I know you are trying to slash your grocery bill.

Secondly, I know you think your child's art work is suitable for display. How do I know this you ask? I was in the pediatrician's waiting room after you and noticed you ripped out pages 92-99 of Wonder Time's September issue. I hope you enjoy those 10 stylish ways to display your kid's artwork.

I was just going to check and see if my stylish ways were listed. You see, I have my own style and do not need to rip the pages out of a magazine.

Frequently updated display of school art, proudly displayed in the great room.

Decorative tile / trivet from Art to Remember fundraisers along kitchen soffit.

Painted "masterpieces" above the fireplace.

I also know you are having trouble with your child being bullied. Yes, you ripped out that article too.

Perhaps your child is getting bullied because he keeps taking things that don't belong to him. Oh, like waiting room magazine articles.

You should have also removed the article on ethics, teaching the golden rule. Apparently this was one thing you didn't learn. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

I'll find you, you magazine article ripper-outter. And when I do....

Tired of reading after you,


Chelle said...

Oh, no! I can't believe the ripper has struck once again!

And I just love how you display the artwork. So cute! And I love your color on the walls!!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I love the artwork that your boys have created, they are very talented! I like your idea of framing the pictures...I think we might need to do something like that.

Threeboys1mommy said...

huh I usually display their art work on the floor of the minivan... but this works too.

B Boys Mom said...

You are so right! Good job on telling the ripper whats what!

Love how you have displayed your kids are work. It looks great.

Hillary Dickman said...

I'm a ripper. I admit it. But I'm not the ripper you're looking for. I only rip out articles about food and gardening. And I don't do it very often. But I hope you never catch me red-handed. Yikes.

pjmomma said...

hahaha, that's awesome.......good thing I just take the whole magazine huh? ;)

Mamasphere said...

I HATE office magazine rippers. It's hard enough with the bad selection that you begin with, only to find that all the good parts of the magazine you picked are gone. Shame on rippers! I can't wait to read the post after you find her!

Jodi said...

I love how you display your kids art that way! I have always wanted to do that, but just never did and NOW...they are all too old to even make anything so awesome! So pat yourself on the back for doing it NOW! Love it!!!

Susi said...

hmm, I'm gonna grab an idea and frame the art. I never know what to do with it - now I do! :) Thanks - don't you ever run out of wallspace, though??

B Boys Mom said...

I have to tell you. I ripped something out of a mag the other day. When doing it all I could think of was your post and how bad I was :). It was only at work and I think everyone had already looked at it.