Thursday, August 28, 2008

That kid is going to be loaded

Within the next few days or weeks, this kid will be rich.

No, he didn't get that speedo endorsement

or the call up to the big leagues

or a modeling contract for Bed Head hair products

He has already lost one tooth this week and has 3 more wiggling their way right out of his head.

The tooth fairy better take out a loan, she is going to be paying out huge.

I guess he should save his money for milk shakes, how can he possibly eat when all his teeth are missing?

FYI, the silver in back are the top and bottom spacers from the teeth he had to have removed earlier this year. I am sure you remember this rant.


Kate said...

Even if he'll have a toothless smile, those eyes will still make him oh-so-handsome. What a cutie.

Mamasphere said...

I noticed the bling right away! Will the spacers come out now that he's losing teeth?

Oh, and did you ever get your bill resolved?

Carol said...

How much is the tooth fairy paying these days?

Should I consider pulling my own teeth?

Carol said...
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Carol said...
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B Boys Mom said...

I don't know about you but I'm a bad tooth fairy. I end up forgetting and then have to pay out double. So don't do that it will really cost you.