Wednesday, July 23, 2008

State, State, State

Not this year. He qualified in the 8 and under Back Stroke. Way to go Griffin! This is a huge accomplishment for a first year swimmer.

Very few of our swimmers are going to state this year, several qualified, few will make the trip. The host city for the state meet changes every year. Here are the directions to this years host city.

1: Start out going WEST on E PIKES PEAK AVE toward N NEVADA AVE/I-25 BR/US-85/US-87.
2: Turn LEFT onto S NEVADA AVE/I-25 BR S/US-85 S/US-87 S. 1.3 mi

3: Merge onto I-25 S via the ramp on the LEFT. 90.0 mi

4: Take the CO-10 E exit, EXIT 50, toward LA JUNTA. 0.2 mi

5: Turn LEFT onto US-160/CO-10. Continue to follow US-160. 0.9 mi

6: Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST/US-160/I-25 BL/US-85/US-87. 0.1 mi

7: Turn RIGHT onto W 7TH ST/US-160. Continue to follow US-160. 71.8 mi

8: Turn RIGHT onto MAIN ST/US-160. Continue to follow US-160 W. 149.1 mi

9: Turn LEFT onto US-160 W/CO-789 W. 44.9 mi

10: Turn RIGHT onto N MARKET ST. 0.0 mi

11: End at Cortez, CO

Estimated Time: 6.0 hours 14 minutes Estimated Distance: 358.42 miles

We will spend the off season working on perfecting our strokes. Next year we will go to state. Hopefully it will be closer!

Congratulations Griffin, you had a great season!!

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B Boys Mom said...

Great job this year!I bet everyone is going to miss it. I sometimes get sad when a season ends.