Monday, June 9, 2008

What happened while we were gone...

An eight year old boy at our neighborhood park experienced a freak accident. Coal dust (from years ago?) heated up to 800 degrees in the sun and burnt his crocs.

See the story and video here.

This is the closest park to get to on foot or by bike. There is a playground, a sports field, basketball court and the down below forest area. I rarely allow the boys into that area. For one thing, we have lots of wildlife that resides in our community and I am sure they also love the down below area of the park. Secondly, You can not see that area from the playground and I am always worried about some creep hanging out down there. I never would have thought of the coal dust, that was even too obscure for me to worry about.

The authorities aren't sure if this coal dust has been there since the mining days of Colorado Springs (perhaps hidden under foliage) or if something has happened to bring the dust to the surface. They have the area roped off for more soil testing.

Our prayers go out to eight-year-old Matt Bershinski, we hope he gets better soon and can enjoy his summer vacation.

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4funboys said...

wow... talk about making a memory.