Saturday, June 7, 2008

We are home

Just the highlights for now...

1. AWESOME SCENERY, Moab is truly gorgeous

2. Lots of wonderful hikes

3. Campfire fun with lots of smores

4. RECORD SETTING RAIN for Moab, 12 hours of non stop HEAVY rain. It started just after we walked down Main Street to dinner...Oh well.

5. A new fuel filter after the Yukon stalled out on the highway.

6. Facing your fears and conquering the high dive!

7. An expensive trip to the doctor for Griffin (not high dive related) for which we will need follow up here. Hopefully nothing too serious.

8. The boys actually sat and colored, this never happens, unless you have record setting rain.

9. Hayden can SWIM!

10. We love Moab and can't wait until we can get back there. Although we may wait a few years until Hayden's legs don't hurt so much from hiking.


McMommy said...

That was such a fun post to read...and see! All the pics were fantastic. Every time I see a picture of your boys together, it gets me so excited for when Matty and Carter are a little older. Your boys just look like they are not only brothers, but great friends. I love that!

trying said...

great pictures! amazing scenery and you guys looked like you had a blast!

Monica said...

wow, what a fun trip! we'll have to get out there one day too!

4funboys said...

fantastic pictures!

Shannon said...

Looks like you had a vacation that the boys will remember forever. Love the pics!

tiger said...