Monday, June 9, 2008

Batter Up

And let the season begin. Tonight was Hayden's first t-ball game. He did great. He batted very well and found lots of dirt to play with behind 2nd base during his turn in the field.

Tomorrow night...Griffin's first game.


4funboys said...

your first game?? We had our last game of the season last night for Caden (since he won't do summer ball like his brothers)

I always crack-up seeing the kids play in the dirt or catching bugs in the out field when they get bored during the game.

Enjoy the season...

Beth said...

We just finished t-ball. It is always such a hoot watching the kids "play".

It's amazing though how much they have learned by the end of the season though! Well, sort least my kids were running the bases correctly! But you've got to start somewhere!