Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Griffin's First Game

Ooops, I forgot to put the memory stick back in the camera after Hayden's post last night. Luckily Jennifer brought her camera and took some great shots of the boys!

Yes, you may notice Griffin is batting right handed, his father is encouraging switch hitting (don't go there) for the future scholarship money. Maybe Thursday night we can bat lefty.

Griffin is playing modified T-Ball, so the coach gives you a few pitches and if you don't get a hit, you can hit off the T. Everybody plays, everybody hits every inning. He is also very excited to have his good buddy Sam on the team. The boys had a great game and had lots of fun!


McMommy said...

oohhh..I LOVE that first picture!!! Have you considered framing it???

Lisa said...

He looks so professional in the first one--little boy baseball is so cute (don't tell him I said that!)

B Boys Mom said...

They look like they really enjoy baseball.