Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mother's Encyclopedia

This page is getting lots of hits lately. Just wondering, where are you coming from?

My Dad brought over quite a treat tonight. He is getting ready to sell his house and often brings over boxes of fun stuff (read...crap) for me to go through and decide what I would like to keep. In tonights box amongst the fun was the Mother's Encyclopedia, published 1969. It was probably a gift at my baby shower, I'll have to ask my aunts. I remember my mom kept this in her dresser drawer, I learned about the reproductive system in this book. It is filled with lovely illustrations.

There is helpful first aid section.

Note the top right corner, looks like my house.

Interesting tips on building a real tomahawk.

Helpful parenting ideas for the "problem child" and a resourceful section on spanking.

The reproduction section I mentioned.

And of course, the dream rooms of the modern teenagers.

This was sure a great find among the other books that will soon make their way to the Goodwill.


B Boys Mom said...

Oh the canopy bed. That was my dream room. I would only of been 3 in 1969 so it had to be the early 70's I want that. Isn't funny how times change.

McMommy said...

The parenting ideas for the problem child picture made me laugh out loud! Don't get rid of this book! It is too funny!!

Anonymous said...

I used to read this whenever I got bored as a child.