Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Run Griffin Run

Last night was Griffin's first track meet. He ran the 400m against other 1st grade boys. He decided to wear yellow shorts, great idea, we could see him all the way around the track.

Yesterday also marked the one year anniversary of his release from the hospital. Can you believe it has been a year? Pediatric Pseudo Tumor Cerebri have you ever heard of it? Most commonly found in young obese women on acne medication, not 6 year old boys. After hearing about our experience, people said it was like an episode of House.

To make a long story short:
Griffin says, "Mommy, I see two of you."
Eye doctor says, it may be a brain tumor, go for a CT scan now.
Neurologist hospitalizes him for testing.
2 spinal taps
2 MRIs
2 MRVs
2 Cat Scans

Ten very long days in the hospital with no answers.

Final diagnosis: Bad ear infection led to mastoiditis, which led to increased pressure in the brain, and caused blood clots in the brain, in turn causing double vision.

His blood clots finally dissipated in November and now he has no restrictions so, RUN GRIFFIN RUN!


Hillary Dickman said...

Scott says the 400 is what "real men" run. He also says that if Griffin would get a haircut (like Callie's) he'd run faster. :)

Karen said...

RUN RUN man! That's great! I think the yellow shorts were a great idea too! Way to stand out!!!! ;)

4funboys said...

wow- There is nothing worse than your kids being sick. Glad he's well again and able to run, run run

Hipmomofboyz said...

I love your blog.... I have 3 boyz so I feel like I know the world you are living in...Like you probably know way to many sport facts..Ha,Ha

Monica said...

Your kiddos are such go-getters! So are you, girlfriend!

B Boys Mom said...

Wow what a story, I'm so glad he is healthy and running.

The yellow short's are the way to go. Much easier to see!

Anonymous said...

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