Friday, May 2, 2008

Colorado Wildlife

No, this post is not about the Ayotte boys.

Here is a copy of the email we received this morning from our elementary school:

Attention Foothills Parents and Students - A mother bear and cubs have been sited in the area around Foothills Elementary. Please take cautionary measures as you send or bring your children to school. There will be inside lineup.

Inside lineup means the kids will be ushered right into school, no playing on the playground before school. It does not mean the children will be in a lineup...number 5 turn to your left.

It is important to note that we live in suburbia, not the mountains of Colorado. A few years ago we had a momma bear and her cubs in our backyard. And once Griffin ran into a bear coming out of our neighbors garage at 7pm.

We always see deer in the neighboring yards. Carter spotted a fox a few nights ago in our own backyard. We were in a panic to get the cats back inside before they were fox bait.

So,the momma and baby bears must mean it is springtime in the Rockies...makes sense since we had a snow storm yesterday. Yes, it is truly spring at last.


Heather said...

All the kids would want to run up and pet the bear cubs if spotted. Mamma bear would not appreciate that.

B Boys Mom said...

Have you ever heard of anyone getting hurt by a bear in your area? We have wild life in our area, but no bears. We are in Michigan. Once my son was at the bus stop and it was dark. A deer got spooked and ran into him. But that is about it. It's really interesting hearing about other area's.

4funboys said...


My city boys would be first in line to pet, wrestle and maul the poor cubs.