Sunday, May 4, 2008

Water + Dirt =

Oh yes, Hayden has figured out how to turn on the hose and make mud.

Last week he made lakes in our tiered flower beds.

Last night, I called him into dinner and he was muddy. Very muddy. "Rinse off before you come inside" muddy.

So, he came into to wash up (after rinsing off) and this is what I found in the bathroom a few minutes later.....

Do not try to clean your screen, those are really specks of mud all over the wall.

We had company over for dinner, they also have 3 kids and were rather amused. My darling husband cleaned the bathroom, and I finished the bottle of wine.


Hillary Dickman said...

Ugh...just makes me tired looking at the photos.

4funboys said...

ahhhhhhh... what a good mommy you are--- to take pictures and tell him to smile-

you deserve the bottle of wine!

McMommy said...

I would have finished the bottle of wine too!!

Boys and the great fun that is's just instinctive for them, isn't it?