Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The price of fame? 20 bucks

We are lucky enough to have access to a sky box at the Colorado Springs Sky Sox baseball games about 4 times a year. The Sky Sox are the AAA team for the Colorado Rockies. Last night was our first time this season. We arrived early and were soon visited by a few young guys from the promotion crew.

We could have one of our boys be the Junior Announcer during the bottom of the fourth inning. He would sit behind home plate and announce all the Sky Sox players during the bottom of the fourth. We have never had anyone we know get to do this in the 19 years of the Sky Sox. What a fun time! Griffin hears this and is saying please, can I do it? over and over again. I look to Carter (the older, shyer one) and he seems fine with Griffin being the Jr. Announcer. Yes, sign us up, we say.

One catch, they say, it is $20. Ok, fine, 20 bucks isn't a lot to pay for this shot at fame. They pull out the sign up sheet and I notice several other promotional spots still open.

We find Carter something also, the Checker Auto Parts Pitch to Win, and shell out another 20 bucks. Yes, even though it already sponsored it is still $20 to participate. Hayden is too young to realize he was gypped.

The fourth inning comes along and Griffin's cute little face graces the jumbo tron four times while he calls out Seth Smith, Sean Barker, Joe Koshansky, and Edwin Bellorin. There is just something sweet about the little kid in speech pronouncing all those S's. He received huge applause from the crowd!

Carter and Ben were in the player's tunnel for most of the seventh inning. They went on the field after the seventh inning for the Checker Auto Parts Pitch to Win contest. Carter's adorable face was on the jumbo tron while he had 3 (then 4 and 5) turns to throw a ball though very small holes to win a Checker Auto Parts gift certificate, just what every ten year old needs. He did a great job, he came very close every time. More huge applause! He won a $20 gift card for Checker. Ben was thrilled.

And these boys will forever remember their once in a lifetime brush with fame in minds. They will have to, I forgot the camera.


Karen said...

So you got half your investment back! :) It sounds like a memory they will never forget!

3boys247 said...

Yes we did. I just wish I brought that camera, darn it!

4funboys said...

my boys would be so jealous... and daddy too! fun, fun!