Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wacky Colorado Weather

It seems very strange to be getting ready to go camping tomorrow when the kids have a two hour delayed start for snow today. The town we are heading to also has a weather delay today. I keep checking and it still shows great weather for the weekend, 67 Friday, 71 Saturday, and 67 Sunday. Should be big fun, however today we have 5 inches of snow and 30 degrees. I guess it is a typical, wacky Colorado spring weekend.


The Adventure said...

Hope your camping trip was exciting! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I sure have enjoyed visiting yours -

4funboys said...

my boys were actually fighting over shorts today... we don't even know what snow is around here!

have fun!

4 Little Men said...

You already added me. :) Thanks so much. Your boys are ADORABLE! I'll be back. :)

talk to you later, Brittany