Tuesday, February 5, 2008

mystery film

I found my old camera, a 35mm, about 6 months ago. It has a roll of film with 23 exposures taken still inside. The battery is dead. It needs a battery to do the auto-rewind. So today I finally splurged on a new battery, one of those 123 photo batteries.

The film has to be at least 3 years old. There could be pictures of my Mom before she passed. Hayden as a baby. My mom holding Hayden, yes, unlikely I know. It is probably pictures of the floor, chair, garbage can and other things the kids would take pictures of when they took my camera. This is probably why I have waited to replace the battery and develop the film. I like the thought that a rare, heartwarming, tear jerking picture of my beautiful bald mother and my sweet hairy baby laughing at each other is stuck on that roll of film.

I hope to get it to Walgreens this afternoon and have an answer to the film mystery by tomorrow.

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