Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mental Health

Carter had an, ah ah, fake cough yesterday morning. It cleared up remarkably well after the bus left for school without him on it. So it was clear to me the kid needed a mental health day. He has missed one day this year, so he was probably due.

Carter started out his day by studying (on his own) his World of Science book. The periodic table of elements was of particular interest. He said he was trying to find a replacement for plastic that would be just as strong but environmentally friendly. Ok, have fun, I told him.

Griffin left for school before Carter's, ah ah, cough cleared up, so he was in the dark about Carter's free day off. Hayden on the other hand had his cool big brother make him pancakes for breakfast before preschool. I was a bit concerned, this breakfast menu changed happened while I was trying to get ready. Carter got out the electric griddle, halfed the bisquick recipe, and made awesome pancakes for the two of them.

Hayden got a piggyback ride into school (no, not from me) and introduced "Tarter" to his teachers and friends. He was very sad when we left him, but got over it quick.

Carter and I were off again, running errands, getting stuff done before the preschool pick up, our clock was ticking. On Carter's list of things to do was get a haircut, not a trim like he usually gets, but a full haircut. I was happy to add that to my list too.

We made it back early to pick up Hayden, and Carter lost me in the church. He asked Hayden's teacher if she had seen his mom. She said, who's your mom sweetie? She didn't recognize him with his new haircut!

Hayden and Carter ("I'm not tired, I can't sleep" said Carter) took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Woke up to leftover pulled pork sandwiches for dinner (Hayden had 3) and off to bed again around 8pm and woke up this morning to a two hour snow delay. Maybe I can convince Carter to make pancakes again today!

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