Sunday, January 27, 2008

Has it been ten years?

The Broncos won their first Super Bowl on January 25th, 1998. Monica Lewinsky was breaking news.
Hillary Clinton: 'This Is A Battle'

Hillary Clinton
WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Jan. 27 1998) -- First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday firmly denied allegations that her husband had an affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Mrs. Clinton blamed the sex allegations on a "a vast right-wing conspiracy" against President Bill Clinton.

And of course our first of three handsome boys was born. When I tell Carter the story of his birth I am always amazed and our naivety. Carter was a scheduled c-section. We arrived at the hospital by 6am and were told that there were lots of other moms having c-sections too so it might take a while. One nurse asked me when was the last time I felt the baby kick...."hmm maybe yesterday," I reply. "Well we are just going to put this baby monitor on to track things for a while," she says. "OK" still no worries or cause for alarm for us. My sister and parents start to arrive, it may be a while we explain. Meanwhile the nurses are conferring with the doctors and "Good news," nurse says, "You get to go first!" Oh goody, first! They quickly move us into the OR and get to work.

Carter was born with meconium aspiration. As he loves to say, "I pooped in your stomach." No, we haven't had the "it wasn't really in stomach talk" yet. Ben is permanently scarred by hearing the nurse tell Carter to breathe, not breathing isn't an option, come on Carter breathe. Ben was crying as he went with a now breathing Carter to the nursery to put him on oxygen and in ICU. They never told me what his first APGAR scores were but I think since breathing is required, they must have been pretty low.

Four days in the Special Care nursery, 3 months on oxygen at home. I also have to assume his asthma is related, but there haven't been any studies.

Ten years later and I am so very happy we got to be first that day.

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