Thursday, January 31, 2008

Too smart

Hayden was flirting it up at the grocery store yesterday. He had a free buffet of samples at the deli counter, sang songs to all the ladies, talked with the men. But the best was when we went to check out and he told the male cashier, "My mom's number is 265-_ _ _ _." And he got it right!

I noticed on this morning that I was 6.33 miles away from 40 miles logged in January. It would be my best month ever and most of the miles are in the last two weeks. So I dropped Hayden at "Y school" and got running. 6.4 miles on the ipod, just over 6.75 on the treadmill. My pace is increasing, today was 10:51 with an average in January of 11:56.

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