Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Claus IS Coming to town!

One of my FAVORITE memories from childhood Christmases was waiting for the Santa Tracker on the nightly news. I do not remember this when we lived in New York, only when we moved to Colorado. It was 1979 and I was 10....don't judge me, I still believe in Santa.

NORAD (remember the movie War Games?), just down the road in SW Colorado Springs is the center for the Santa Tracker. It started in 1955 after a misprint in the newspaper, a number from a local Sears store to contact Santa was misprinted and the number printed was to the Director of Operations at Continental Air Defense (Now NORAD). Click on the above link to read the entire history.

Or to just get to the fun stuff, CLICK HERE, SANTATRACKER.ORG.

The boys are already checking the updates, watching the videos, and realizing YES, there is a Santa Claus and he can get all over the world in one night.

If you don't believe in Santa, YOU SHOULD and you will after seeing this website.

NOTE: Click and drag to see the whole map. Video clips have Santa starting at the North Pole and stopping in various locations across the globe.

Make sure to get to bed before he gets too close to your house.

Merry Christmas!

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MeKimka said...

Hi Laura! It's your good ole pal Kim in NJ. I got your card yesterday and IMMEDIATELY signed on. It felt good to see your kitchen again. Lots of good memories sitting at that counter. I will check back regularly, maybe might even start my own blog???? love to all the boys xoxox