Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Be my friend

Are you on facebook? If not, you should be.

I love facebook.


Patrice said...

YAY for new friends on facebook!! I LOVE facebook! I added you :)

Hillary Dickman said...

Are you trying to bring Facebook to the next generation? Or, I mean, the previous generation? Or is this shameless advertising to drive up your friend number? :)

I love FB too. It's addicting. And TOTALLY the best way to keep in touch with friends.

3boys247 said...

I am a little annoyed that Ben has 26 friends and I have 55. Then I realized he is STEALING all my friends. So I thought I would look to my blogging buddies to get on facebook too.

Also, I sent out the Christmas letter and mentioned the blog. Figured I might find some friends and family on facebook.