Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life in the Testosterone Zone ~ Grown-Up Edition

Let me apologize in advance, as most of you will not see the humor in this post. But those of you who have been over when Ben has brought home a case of number 10 can enchilada sauce or a case of tortilla wraps, or jalepeno poppers should find it slightly amusing.

Ben, the food service salesman husband, received this email. It is a funny look into our lives. Yes, my children read sugar packets and boo US Food Service and Sysco trucks.

You might be a Food Service Saleman:

If you have four kinds of olive oil, three kinds of mustard, and 5 pounds of ground black pepper in your cupboard.

If most of the shirts you wear between 7am and 6pm have Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, or the Pillsbury Dough boy on them.

If your home appetizer menu includes Poppers.

If you keep your roll foil and film on the workbench in the garage because they each weigh 15 pounds.

If your kid flips the ice cream man off from the garage where he morphs into Santa Claus with the neighbor kids as he hands out Blue Bunny ice cream bars.

If the top of your gift wish list includes car wash and oil change gift certificates.

If you know which restaurants in your area have clean kitchens.

If you have looked in a restaurant's dumpster to see what they are buying and from whom.

If your personal car has 300,000 miles on it.

If your kids boo the competition's trucks.

If your ketchup, steak sauce and mustard have "FOODSERVICE PACKAGE. NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE" on the label.

If you are the go-to person to supply the food for holiday parties.

If your spouse knows what a number ten can is.

If you have ever turned over a piece of China to look on the bottom in a white table cloth restaurant.

If you have read a sugar packet on a date.

If the cheese in your fridge is a forty pound block.


Jodi said...

That was great! I do lots of that stuff too and I am not even married to a food service salesman!

Laural Out Loud said...

Hilarious! And now I totally want my husband to be food service salesman- sounds like you get great perks, lol.