Saturday, September 13, 2008

What's the matter with that kid's grill?

It was just over two weeks ago when I made the prediction right here on this blog and it has come true.

No, Griffin hasn't traded swimming for prize fighting. He hasn't forgotten his mouth guard for football. His brothers haven't done this to him, really it's true, they haven't.

Remember when he started school on Aug 14th? Look at that cute smile.

And when he earned the swimming trophy. What a cutie pie.

Then Griffin lost one tooth. Bottom right, obviously, but stick with me here it gets tricky.

And then a second. Bottom left. The top looks empty because they are so darn wiggly and getting pushed out of the way.

Then yesterday another popped out, top right.

And just this morning, top right smaller tooth came out.

The poor kid, I should say RICH KID, has two more wiggling out, both on the top left.

His big top tooth looks like it is already coming through, so we may not have to go with the milk shake diet.

However, I think we should put speech therapy on hold for now.

It borders on child abuse to expect a kid with this grill to try to say "Sally the silly snake snuck into school."


blessedwith5 said...

You have one handsome boy!

Your post is hysterical!

Mamasphere said...

He looks adorable with all those teeth missing! How funny that they all decided to pop out at the same time. He must be disappointed about not getting the milkshake diet.

Karen said...

I would say hold off on the corn on the cob for a while!!!

Weber said...

Oh I just LOVE those toothless smiles! Such a cute milestone.

Carol said...

He must be loving all his tooth fairy cash!!!

He must be loaded by now!

kardel said...

Found your blog through Amy's P2P blog. (Love the favorite things you sent her, by the way and will look for what she sent you soon. The good old USPS beats UPS ground? You gotta be kidding me)

Anyway, your pictures of your son make me teary. My son just lost his front bottom teeth. He is 5. I feel like he JUST GOT HIS TEETH yesterday! Where did my BABY go? The dentist says that he has other loose teeth, but they aren't falling out quite as fast as your son's. Apparently, they are giving me some time to adjust to my BABY growing up.