Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Favorite Things Swap...I love presents!!

I have been watching every delivery truck that drives up my street. Will this be the one to deliver Amy's favorite things to me? And tonight..IT WAS!

I was so excited. I twittered Amy right away to tell her the package had arrived.

And then ripped it open, ok, not really, I carefully opened the box.

Oh, I am so excited. What could they be? And isn't it kind of funny how I picked out those cool brown paisley note cards for her and she sent the packages in the cool brown printed paper?

I noticed right away that we both love Bath and Body Works.

1. Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing hand soap in COCONUT LIME VERBENA, it smells so good. Amy suggested putting it in the kitchen but I may put it my bathroom, I don't think the boy's would appreciate it as much as I do. And I don't share well : )

2. Dark Chocolate (YUM) Peanut M + M's. These were delicious, notice the past tense. I can't help it, I love them. I did give in a share a couple with Hayden.

3. Pride and Prejudice DVD. My husband said, don't you have that? No silly man, I have Sense and Sensibility. I love Jane Austen. Good job Amy!

4. Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shimmer Wand. This is the coolest, girliest thing I have ever seen. I will feel totally pampered using this.

5. The Jewel and the Hawk by Lori Wick. Click the link to read the synopsis. I love to read and think this story sounds great. I will be starting it soon.

6. A cool mini colander, she has pink, I have blue. Perfect for Carter's favorite snack, blueberries! Although Hayden has discovered an alternative use...

Thank you Amy for sharing all of your favorite things with me and thanks to Wendi who organized the entire swap.

When can we do it again?!


McMommy said...

HOW FUN!!!! I can't wait to send/receive my swap with Elaine!!! You've got me so excited about it!

Amy Bennett said...

Aw, I'm so glad you liked it! And I still owe you a mix our rush to ship things I totally forgot it in your package! Love Hayden with the colander!

And one thing I didn't get but really, really wanted to was Arbonne's Sea Salt Scrub. Find some somewhere and get ye some! I was so close to scooping some out of the bottom of my container and sending it along but I figured that could be kind of gross. That will definitely make you feel pampered!

Elaine A. said...

Wow, you got some great stuff. I could totally use that colander myself. And of course in blue too!

This IS so much fun! I sent McMommy's today!

Cheryl said...

What a cute little colander head! :)
As far as Google goes, just the fact that you have testosterone in your blog name is enough to get you a zillion hits a day...

Great blog!!!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Great package! I have never seen the shimmer wand before...I will have to check that out. I LOVE the Coconut Lime Verbena scent. Plus it is not too girly so my hubby doesn't complain about the scent.

Great post! I am looking forward to receiving my swap package.

Wendy said...

Great Swap! I'm really excited for mine - and nervous for how mine will be received. I've added the The Hawk and the Jewel to my reading list - it looks good.

Carol said...

I was so excited to see what you got!!

Loved that the M&M's were past tense already. That would have been the case here too.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

So fun! I love the wrapping paper and what a cute little colander! I would have eaten those M&Ms right away too! YUM.

I need to get mine in the mail today. :)

Dawn said...

What a great package you received! I love that she wrapped each individual item. I wouldn't have thought of that.

4under3 said...

So fun!!!

I love the great wrap job too. I can't wait to get mine in the mail.

What a great swap partner!!!


Krystyn said...

What fun stuff! I just got mine today!!!

Becky Welch said...

How much fun!! I love Jane Austen and Lori Wick. You will love the book (the rest of her things are great, too)!!! Can't wait to get mine!

Jen said...

I just watched the ending of the Keira P & P version again the other night and while I think the BBC adaptation is better overall, I do like this one's ending better.

I'm jealous! I should have participated in the swap. You got some good loot!

Tammy said...

Looks like some really fun stuff! You lucky girl. I posted, as well.
See ya,

Wendi said...

I love Amy's favorite things.
Um, yeah...those MnM's wouldn't have lasted 2 seconds around here!
P& favorite too.
Love that Mr. Darcy!
You are a lucky girl to have such a fabulous swap partner.
Actually, I haven't seen a bad swap package yet!
They are all so fun and it is neat to see what everyones favorite things are.
Thanks again for participating.