Thursday, September 18, 2008

Am I too old to apply to Law School?

My mother always said I should have gone to Law School.

Freedom of speech

Defamation of character


I am learning lots of new things. Thank you so much for calling me, oops I mean my husband. I am guessing if you called me I could say you are harassing me. According to Wikipedia, the term commonly refers to behavior intended to be disturbing, and, when the term is used in a legal sense, it refers to behaviors which are found threatening or disturbing. I think threatening to sue me counts.

I can tell you have been reading my blog. I have site trackers and can tell when you are on. I know you have seen I write a family friendly, often humurous recounting of our lives. Why would I write the things I did if I didn't believe they were true? I do not have one of those political statement blogs; I have a family blog, I blog about family stuff. I am not out to change the world, I try to connect with other bloggers through humor, family stories and experiences.

What I posted about your company is what I believe to be true. Truth is the defense for Libel / Defamation suits.

1. We went to your office to have 1 infected tooth removed.

2. We were told we need new xrays and exam. Our insurance covered most of it. We paid $84.25.

3. You decided he needed 5 cavities fixed. We paid $400.15. Later, after reviewing his bill at my husband's insistence, you realized you overcharged us for one tooth you did not fix and thus refunded $210 to us in the form of a check. I did not update the original blog post with this information, I am sorry for that. But doesn't it just prove my point anyway?

4. Your pit bull of a receptionist (can I say that?) would not allow me to leave the office on that day in February until I paid another $398.20. Making the total paid at your office $882.60.

5. Your office refuses to bill patients and demands payment before you are allowed to leave.

6. Dental procedure code D2391 Restoration Basic, You charge $161, our insurance considers $130 to be reasonable.

7. Dental procedure code D2392 Restoration Basic, You charge $210, our insurance considers $162 to be reasonable.

8. Dental Procedure code D9248 Sedation, you charge $300, our insurance doesn't cover it however, other area dentists charge $45.

9. Dental Procedure code D7140 Extraction Basic, you charge $156, our insurance considers $141 to be reasonable.

Here is a question for you. Why on December 6th did you charge only $25 for Procedure Codes D9230 (Analgesia, Anxiolysis, Inhalation of Nitrous Oxide), the day he had 2 teeth removed, and then later on January 9th when you filled a few cavities did you charge us $300 for D9248 (Non-intravenous Conscious Sedation)?

It seems to me if he did fine for the EXTRACTIONS of two teeth, he could use the same analgesia for a couple of cavities. Notice I said "it seems to me", therefore stating my own opinion. I am free to state my own opinion as long as I state it as my opinion on my own blog.

You charge more than most insurance companies consider reasonable. Patient families are required to pay what is over the limit for insurance reasonable and customary charges.

After hearing of our ordeal with your office someone told us, "It is like going to a heart surgeon for a cold."

Please let me know what in my original post you can prove to be false and I would be happy to edit it. I have stated the facts as I know them to be true. If the truth hurts, perhaps you should consider changing the way your practice does business. Just my opinion.

Please note that I refrained from linking the original post, using your name or the name of your practice in this post. You are welcome.

On a side note, our patient has lost 4 teeth in two weeks and now looks like this:

I hope the tooth fairy realizes how much those teeth are worth.


BacktoBarnwell said...

WAY. TO. GO!!! What an awesome post. Did you see the comment I put on the other post? And doc, I hope you saw it. Behold the power of blogging and the American consumer taking up for ourselves!

Hillary Dickman said...

That last line is TOO funny.

B Boys Mom said...

Great post! What a crazy trip or should I say trips to the dentist! You go girl!!!!!

Mamasphere said...

So glad you decided to stand up to the doctor bully. What an arse.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

You tell them! I think you really need to find a new denist. That is crazy that they will not bill you for their services! That office seems shady to me!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Ooops! I mean "dentist." I do know how to spell, I promise :)

McMommy said...

Way to go, Laura!!!! I feel like you are speaking on behalf of hard working, educated parents everywhere!! We are behind you!!

Elaine A. said...

You tell him girl!

That boy of yours has gorgeous eyes! : )

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Bravo mama! Brilliant job.

You have a right to demand accountability. I hope you get it. You certainly deserve it.

Julie said...

You have every right to hold a service provider accountable for their charges so, way to go! Also, truth is the best defense to any charge of libel, slander, defamation, and the like. Keep up the good work - love your blog!

Kate said...

Awesome work. So many people don't pay close attention to their medical bills, and lots of providers get away with overcharging left, right and center. Perhaps you've taught this dentist a lesson.

Allison R said...

That is absolutely crazy!!! I hope you turn them in!

Happy POW

Auds said...

Ok after re-reading this post and the other one you linked me to, a couple of things are patently clear.

Where is the libel? And where is the defamation of character that I am assuming you are being accused of?

I see an accounting of what any other normal person, when presented with bills that seem above and beyond what your insurance company considers reasonable and necessary, would do give the same circumstances. You'd have to be blind to just sit back and accept this as par for the course. Especially if you've contacted other COS area dental practices and compared prices.

Also, not letting you leave before you'd paid the bill? Can we say BARBARIC, ARCHAIC, INTRUSIVE? What if you'd left your wallet at home? What if you couldn't reach your spouse to come and "bail" you out - for lack of a better term. It almost seems criminal to me for someone to not let you leave the premises. Most REPUTABLE medical and dental establishments will bill clients for services rendered. Heck, most aren't even sure, until they've submitted the ICD9 codes to the insurance, exactly what the pt's portion of the bill is going to be.

Seriously, I've read this post three times now and the other one as many and I see no instances of defamation, or anything that could remotely be construed as defamation of character.

You have the right to voice your opinion on services rendered.

Whilst I'm not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV, I am a fairly intelligent individual who knows how to use a dictionary. I suggest the person accusing you of libel grab one of Mr. Webster's finer works and look up some of those words for himself.

3boys247 said...

Actually Auds, I did ask that, "What if I left my wallet at home?" Pit bull (aka receptionist) pointed me to the Dental credit card company they do business with. I could call and apply for a line of credit.

Yes, you read that right, A LINE OF CREDIT at the dentist office.

Simply Shannon said...

Way to stand up for yourself and your family though!