Thursday, July 31, 2008

You should need license to procreate

I have mentioned before how the actions of some people just blow me away. Remember the mother who thought the YMCA childwatch / nursery was a great preschool?

Well I ran into her sister today at the supermarket. Well she must have been her sister, they are share the same LOCS gene, LACK OF COMMON SENSE!

She was pushing her cute and pudgy little guy through the store.

What's wrong with that you ask?

She used a cart like know, without a childseat.

And her cute little, ok not so little, guy was about 11 months old.

YES!! Old enough to pull himself over and topple out of the cart while she was busy shopping for prophylactics or hair spray or beer.

Wait, you say, don't those carts specifically say on the handle NOT to allow children to sit or ride on it.

YES!! The handles have ENGLISH directions and easy to read PICTURES explaining the rules. Now I have on occasion let the boys hang on the front, or ride inside (SEATED), yes I live on the edge, but this was way out of my comfort level. So I stalked them through the store ready to catch the little guy if needed. I think she must be blogging about the wacko following her through the store with her catcher's mitt.

Have you seen a LOCS mom lately? What was she doing?


McMommy said...

I've never seen shopping carts like that before!
They don't look like they hold alot. Maybe a good cart for Whole Foods...because the less I buy there, the better. (although my total will never be below $100. I swear..even for 5 items!!!)

Karen said...

I can't say that I've really seen on...although there may be times I'VE been that one!

A Mama's Blog (Heather) said...

It never ceases to amaze me when you see those LOCS moments.

I see lots of people in my town letting little kids ride in the front seat of the car, with NO seatbelt on, and they should be in a carseat until they are 60 pounds in my state. These kids look like they are 2 or 3, and even if they are older, there is no way they are above the weight limit to be riding without a carseat, and no seatbelt?

What are these parents thinking? I decided next time I'm calling the police.

Harmony said...

Oops..I did the same thing last week. It was the only cart available and I had allll the bottles to return in the bottom of it, and I had one hand on her AT ALL TIMES...I promise.