Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hayden and I were early to the childwatch drop off at the Y this morning. I signed him in and waited for them to open..

Another mother came in and said, "Isn't this the greatest program?"

I reply, "Yes, all I have to do is go work out and someone will watch my child."

She said, "I looked around at other preschools and they want $200 a month for only a few days a week. I only have to pay $52 and the whole family gets to come."

I smile politely, kiss Hayden goodbye and went to work out thinking HUH?

Do you really think a babysitting service is equivilant to preschool? Yes, the kids get social interaction, some coloring, but childwatch isn't preschool. I love the workers, they love Hayden, they do a great job and he enjoys "Y school," but it isn't in their job description to teach these kids anything.

Now I know some YMCAs offer preschool, this isn't one of them. This is strictly a drop off babysitting service for 2 hours a day(max) while you are on the premises.

I am involved with the nursery at our church, childwatch is just like that, a safe place for your children to be while you have to be somewhere else within the building. I would never say, oh yes my son goes to preschool Sunday mornings while I am in church, and it's free.

In hindsight, I should have told her how wonderful our son's preschool is and the fantastic things he has learned. Yes, it may be $170 a month but he knows shapes, ABCs, early reading skills, sings songs, has field trips, etc. But I don't think she would have heard much past $170 a month. And I will continue to think HUH how can someone confuse the two.

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Hillary Dickman said...

WOW. Yet another reason why parents should have to be licensed before procreating...although I probably wouldn't have passed the test.