Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's real life, a look inside the Testosterone Zone

I missed the actual day of the It's Real Life Carnival hosted by Jessica on Thursday, but you know what they say, "better late than pregnant," oops I mean "never". (Sorry, no offense to all of you pregnant moms!) The idea was to take pictures of specific things or rooms in your home, without cleaning or prepping. I took the pictures, got all ready to blog, and had to leave for the baseball game, then the birthday party, then camping.

So here you go...A look inside the Testosterone Zone.


Yes, it is busy. Included on the fridge: Chuck E Cheese sketch of Hayden and me, Ovarian Cancer Awareness ad, favorite picture of Hayden and Griffin, Carter's photo magnet from kindergarten, Hayden's birth certificate (just got it last month, never needed it before T-ball, sorry but he is the third), school calendar, David Letterman magnet (he is on my "list"!), library hours.

Did you notice in the last picture that the doors are weird? We have a wide by side. Easier to get big things in freezer and fridge. We also have a freezer in the garage so it isn't such an issue but it is nice to have the room in the fridge. Now we just need food.


His side

My side. And of course, nothing fits!


It is clean because Carter is looking for allowance. Way to go Carter!


Our basement bathroom, otherwise known as MOMMY'S BATHROOM. No, I really don't run downstairs to use the restroom, maybe I should, think of the exercise. This is the bathroom we put in when we had the basement finished 2 years ago. The tub is jetted, I picked the decor; lavender, black and silver. I love, love, love taking long, hot baths down there. We even had a cable jack installed so I would never have to leave.


Ok, yeah, scary, I know. I love all my shoes! I love running shoes, dressy sandals, rocket dogs, flip flops. I love them all. Did you notice the top of the closet picture? Scroll back up and see that scary sight.


Our basement family room; cool in the summer, warm in the winter, currently clean, offers refreshing beverages.

After passing MOMMY'S BATHROOM, you see the wet bar and my old dollhouse, currently GI Joe's home.

Our old couch from before we got married, obviously since it is white! Or it once was white. Above the couch are my very cool pictures from our first trip to Moab.

Ahh, the bar. I love the tile border on the floor!

On the right: My awesome husband bought me the Bill Buckner and Mookie Wilson autographed picture, remember the 1986 World Series, game 6? Click the link. I still get goose bumps watching that video! Bill Buckner bobbled the easy grounder and Ray Knight scored. The Mets won game six and went on to win game seven. Amazing METS!

The picture on the left: an original poster from Woodstock (the real one) and an official unused ticket from August 16, 1969 (my birthday). My fabulous parents found this for me at a cool little shop in UpState New York. I love it!

The toy closet, the best thing I could have added to our basement.


Carter is looking for more allowance, feeding the cats (Fred and Wilma).

Hayden is playing on the tire swing with Julia.

Hey, wasn't there one more boy in that house? Where is that one....

Aha Griffin, just in time to make it on the blog.


The boys think we have a laundry chute.

The clean clothes can often be found in the basement. My previously mentioned awesome husband handles the laundry.

Good job Darling, time to relax.


oops ran out of time

Here is a shot of Ben and I in Goblins Valley State Park, Utah just outside of Moab (taken by Hayden).

So there you have it, the Testosterone Zone. Oh no, have to go referee a boy brawl. See you bloggers later!


Jessica said...

coveting all your shoes!

Laughing at the laundry chute!

What a great home you have--love your bathroom and old dollhouse--maybe you'll have a girl one day, or granddaughter?

It was fantastic to meet you. Let's get together again soon--how's Thursday?

Hillary Dickman said...

You have a frontloading washer?? I'm coming to your house to do laundry. I don't think ours actually gets anything clean...which is my excuse for not doing laundry.

4 Little Men & Twins said...

So glad you did it too... wasn't it fun! ;)

Love your basement.


Amy said...

ALthough I don't love shoes, am a TAD jealous at all those boxes...ooohh...they look SO fun!!!

My kids would LOVE a tire fun!

Thanks for letting me stop by. See you Thursday!

4funboys said...

Ha... I have the VERY same laundry chute at my house... amazing.

Good thing for hubbies that do the laundry for us...

ps- when you're done refereeing at your place, can you come to mine and help me out?

Abby said...

Good post.