Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Carter's Arch Nemesis

We purchased our house when Carter turned one. The tree was big then. Carter has always wanted to climb that tree. This may be the summer he figures out how to get up there. Here are some photos of his recent attempt.

Safety first: he wears a helmet and finds clothesline to repel down from his victorious climb.

He ties the clothesline around himself, including through the belt loops.

Now, to get the clothesline over the branch of the tree...Ahha, the trampoline.

Now make a "triple slip knot." A what?

Try swinging to the top..nope that doesn't work.

Maybe this would work better if I wore shoes. On no, wait, I tied myself to the tree and the rope isn't long enough to go inside.

It is very difficult to untie a "triple slip knot."

Especially when your little brothers are hanging from the rope.

Yes, shoes work better.

If Griffin thinks he can do better, just let him try.

I know what this tree is missing. Foot holds, also known as rusty nails. I see tetanus shots in our future.

And so the tree remains the arch nemesis. No one has climbed the old girl in years. Maybe this summer she is conquered. Or maybe this summer she falls over from too many nails in her trunk.


4 Little Men & Twins said...

OH that is too funny! Our boys LOVE climbing trees... but we have some that have lower branches.


Karen said...

It's been tooo long since I stopped by... I'll be posting about that soon. I can't wait to see the defeat of the tree... or demise of the tree whichever comes first!!! It looks like you've had a lot going on lately... so glad spring is here!!!

McMommy said...

WOW!! Now while I was reading this, I couldn't help but wonder....

Was your heart in your throat the whole time they were trying to attempt this??! :)