Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Ben told me this morning that we had been stimulated. I hadn't finished my coffee and was a little slow on understanding. Oh, of course, the money fairy came! Perfect timing, I took the big boys for a bike ride yesterday and Carter has completed his clown training. His bike is way too small for him, he really looked like this:

except he is 80 pounds and doesn't wear clown make-up. Our neighbor found a bike for him at a yard sale a few ago and he has been riding it ever since. So it is really past time to spring for a GOOD bike. And apparently it isn't worth tuning up, fixing the brakes, tires, etc to pass it off to Griffin. So now we need two bikes. And if we plan to do any riding as a family I guess we need the tag along for Hayden. Good thing we've been stimulated. I wanted to use the entire stimulus check for paying down the car loan, but with gas prices so high, maybe we should bike more.


4funboys said...

If the price of gas goes up again... even I might consider a bike!

Heather said...

That's the goal - stimulate the economy. Go spend that money!

B Boys Mom said...

Mine is going to pay my property taxes Yahoo!!!!