Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Really? Too Busy?

Today is the First Grade Musical. A certain grandfather (who will remain nameless) is too busy to attend either performance. Here is my answer to that.

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Oh, bummer. Someone flagged my craigslist posting for removal. For those of you that missed it:

Local Grandparents wanted
Looking for new grandparents who have time for three adorable and fun boys. No huge time committment needed, they don't expect much. The position is flexible, attendance at the occasional t-ball game or swim meet, a fishing trip, cheering at a school play. It is a volunteer position and no experience is neccesary. References required.


4 Little Men & Twins said...

Ouch! Sometimes 'people' really have their priorities screwed up. What a bummer for those little boys.

Hope you all enjoy the musical anyway. :)

Talk to you soon,


Anonymous said...

we totally have a set of gparents like parents have passed away, but dh are alive and well, but far to busy to help or enjoy their our children, so friday for grandparents day at school it will be me and my bff...

amy of goshen, looking for a few good grandparents!

Tammy said...

well I can only tell you that if a certain Aunt & Uncle lived nearby there would definitely be more of an audience for the performances!
(ps I did have a google acct, forgot! will set up blog later, may need help from you)

B Boys Mom said...

We also have this problem some what. My parents have passed away and we have the youngest of the grand children on the hubby's side. His parent did it for the other kid's but don't feel it's important for our kid's. I think the kid's are getting ripped off. But it is out of my control and try very hard not to let it upset me. We can only control what we do. I say this over and over again.
Hang in there.