Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Search Engine Results

I love, love, love being able to track the traffic on our blog. I know who you are and where you came from. Thanks for visiting, please leave comments.

One thing I love is the keyword analysis. Here are some recent searches that brought people to our blog.

Funny Ways to Say Grace
Hobby Lobby Chalkboard
Colorado Springs Pediatric Dentistry
Cashier job descriptions for quick trip
Laura Baldrick's
Carter's Birthday bibs
youtube videos of pediatric dentists
Chatty Cathy

And then the Testosterone searches:

High Testosterone Smile
2008 Testosterone Beautiful
Testosterone and OCD
Peanut Butter Testosterone
Testosterone for Kids
and my favorite
Quaker Oats Testosterone

What were you thinking, do Quaker Oats increase testosterone, is there testosterone in Quaker Oats, do you need testosterone to eat Quaker Oats? Please tell me, I am dying know.


4 Little Men said...

Ha! I get some funny searches too. People search the weirdest things some times.


Hillary Dickman said...

I regularly (like, a few times a month) get hits from searches for "pink passy." Hmmm...

Hillary Dickman said...

I just noticed Hayden's comment about his wife being the boss. That will thrill Callie, I'm sure, since she expects to marry Hayden. She tells me a few times a day that she's going to marry Hayden and Cinderella. The first time she said it, Brynn's only response was, "You'll have to get a car with three front seats." How funny is that?

4funboys said...

people are seaching for some pretty strange stuff... but the odd thing is-

they actually find stuff.

Heather said...

If Quaker Oats increase testosterone, I will never, ever buy them. We have more than our share.