Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5 socks

Guess what I found in my car as I was pumping gas (read: spending our retirement account)?

Amongst the trash I found 5 dirty boy socks, not 4 or 6 but 5. Why 5? Where is the other one? Who walked around with only one sock on his foot either before or after he was in my car? Or, heaven forbid, did it fall out of our moving trash heap in some parking lot; church, school, grocery store, library? Where is our missing sock?

And more importantly, why do you need to remove your socks in my car?

Upon closer inspection, I notice only 2 socks match.....
Note to self, add bleach to the shopping list.

Can't you just smell that smell?


McMommy said...


I love this post.

Hey, you wouldn't happen to be the other mom in the Mommy & me parking lot, would you???

ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Karen said...

SOOO true!!! I'm CONSTANTLY saying... put your socks back on... don't take your shoes off!

Hillary Dickman said...

Okay...that photo is disgusting. Did you make the boys pick them up?? Looking at that makes me happy that I have girls. Of course, if they ever wore socks, I imagine I might end up with a similar problem. Socks just don't work with glitter-encrusted ballet flats.

The Joys of having Boys said...

That picture looks all too familiar to me!! Hello, from a mom of three boys as well.