Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Helper

Carter, the big helper, mopped the hardwood floors yesterday while I was trying to get Hayden to take a nap. I thought they seemed a little slicker than usual. It wasn't until Hayden slipped and fell for a second time that I asked Carter to show me what he used to mop the floor.

He said he used the mop and orange glo wood cleaner and polish. This would be similar to cleaning the floors with Pledge. The orange glo claims to melt away grease, grim, polish and wax build up. It also leaves a slippery clean surface. I bought it for cleaning our kitchen cabinets and it worked great. I highly recommend it for cleaning wood, however unless you want to spend weeks in traction with a broken back, do not use it on your floors.

Thankfully he didn't mop the stairs too!

UPDATE: I put on my gym shoes and walked across the floor. They now make that squeaky noise that makes me want to pull the hair out of my head. You know the noise, wet rubber sole shoes walking through the grocery store.....AAHHHH!!!!!! This is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.

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