Monday, March 3, 2008

Snow (?) Fun

Me: Did you have fun sledding?

Them: Well, there wasn't enough snow so we went "mud sledding."

I think we need two washers, one for the boys and one for the grownups. YUCK!


Karen said...

Sounds like my boys.. but they would've called it mudboarding!

Karen said...

SOOO I see from all your info that you are a runner. I could use some advice! When I was in high school I ran 2 miles a day and really messed up my knees. (The dr. called it "runner's knee") Anyhoo, I've tried several time to start back up, but only to quit a week or so in when my knees started hurting.. Any advice how I can start back up. I really liked the results I got when I was running, but my knees now kill me! I welcome any advice you can give!