Monday, March 10, 2008

My trip down memory lane

Hayden and I found ourselves at the grocery store again today. One full cart later we were ready to check out. I mutter in disgust as Albertson's has only one lane open, I begin scanning to make eye contact with an employee. I notice the checker as she is picking up the phone for help, she looks at me and hangs up the phone, "oh no, you're staying in my lane."

OMG, it is Robin. Robin who I have known since I was ten. Robin who worked for my Dad forever. She was like part of the family. Robin who watched Susie and I when my parents were called away (and took us to see Risky Business). Robin was at every birthday party, graduation, wedding, etc. She picked me up from school in 7th grade when I wore white pants on the worst possible day. She (and Donna) did my hair and make-up for 9th grade prom. Sometimes she let me steer her car when we were driving, no I wasn't 16 yet. She had the coolest apartment in an old house downtown. She gave me my most used high school graduation gift (dictionary and thesaurus). She was the cool adult that we loved hanging out with.

As I get closer in the line she looks at me and says, "You look just like your mother, I could not see you for 50 years and I would still recognize you." I was recently thinking I am looking more like mom too, so it was weird to have this confirmed. (FYI this Friday would have been Mom's 65th birthday.)

We talk for a while as she carefully scans each item. Robin was always a talker, this is a good, social job for her. We catch up on each other's families and how long it has been. Wow, she is going to be 50 this year, Eddie's a freshman, I can't believe Carter is 10. I start thinking how weird it is to have once been so close to someone and to have completely lost touch. It was good to see her, we hug and say goodbye.

As we are driving home I am doing the math. Robin, that cool adult was only 11 years older than me. So when I was in 7th grade, she was 23? She was closer in age to me than my mother? She seemed so much older when I was a teenager.

Next time I'm going to Safeway..Just kidding!

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