Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chatty Cathy

Dear Chatty Cathy,

Before you explain to the cashier at Safeway why you are writing your check for $5 over, perhaps you should glance around, more specifically directly behind you, and notice the small "believers" with big ears.

I am so sorry that flying pixie who collects little incisors was not able to remember to drop by your place last night, but my children are now wondering why you needed the money. So please forgive me for throwing you and your family under the bus. I plan to explain that your child's teeth are rotten and the tooth fairy doesn't want them and you are acting like the tooth fairy so your child doesn't get a complex. Also, the fluffy bunny with the eggs doesn't think your child needs anymore candy. The bunny and flying pixie are very close you know. As for the fat guy, well sorry but you "mother of the year" are on the naughty list and he won't be dropping by so skip the cookies...Did I mention the rotten teeth?

So perhaps next time you open you chatty mouth you can take a peak around and see who might be listening. Believe it or not, yours are not the only children who lose teeth, look for eggs or try to get on the nice list.

Mother of three boys with BIG ears

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