Monday, February 18, 2008

Toilet (seat) training

Hayden yelled at me last night because I left the toilet seat down. If the 3 year old is finally realizing that this rule benefits just 20% of the house, do the other men obey because they love me or because I have brainwashed them?

When the other boys began to question why it must go back down I said they have to put it down so mommy won't fall in. In response to the falling in worry, Carter has eliminated the action entirely and attempts to use the toilet seat down (without great success), thus providing yet another reason mommy has to check the seat before sitting down.

In hindsight I should have made the "lid always goes down" rule. Perhaps we can work on that.

My new goal, besides the toilet issue, is to have them pick up their socks. On any given day I can find at least 5 athletic socks, of different sizes, scattered around the house. I think I will collect them, keep them in a smell resistant bag (is there one?) and charge them for socks when they can't find any. I find not only boys socks, but socks from the neighbor girls too. I can only imagine how many boys socks are over at their house. The cool thing is that we can tell whose socks they are by the handy color band on the Hanes socks, blue for Carter, green for Griffin and red for Hayden. No more hearing "those aren't mine." Maybe we should by stock in Hanes. I love Hanes.

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