Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crazy for Wii

My Dad got the boys a Wii for Christmas, they just received it Sunday night. Carter has been boxing and is now a PRO. Griffin tries to do everything Carter does and Hayden is just having fun with Mario Party 8. Carter tried to stay home sick on Tuesday because his whole body ached from his boxing moves. I could sympathize with him since my body ached in places I forgot I had..a few too many games of bowling perhaps? I just found this interesting article about the health benefits of the Wii. Hope you enjoy it.

Is Nintendo about to challenge Jenny Craig? by ZDNet's Chris Matyszczyk -- Guest post: Chris Matyszczyk investigates the power of Nintendo’s Wii and virtual gaming to improve the health and well being of society. Depending on whose statistics you prefer to disbelieve, between 15 and 25 percent of American children are overweight. The causes seem evident to all commentators: too many Whoppers and Gorditas, too many days moving less [...]

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