Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mystery Film Revealed

The mystery film from a few posts ago was finally developed. I feel like Geraldo Rivera during the Big Al Capone Secret Vault Live Remote.'s_Vault
No, it wasn't tearjerking picture of my mother before she passed. There were several pictures of Griffin's Pre-K Mothers' Tea, so I can date the roll to Spring 2006. More pictures of a fun trip to the park with our pre-K friends and younger brother Hayden, and the WIGGLES LIVE in Denver. They are cute pictures and brought back fun memories.

The mom's from our Pre-K class; we called ourselves the Margarita Mom's, we would go have lunch and have "mom-time" every other Friday.

When we took the Griffin and Hayden to see the Wiggles, Hayden just stared at them, he couldn't believe they were really right in front of him. Carter would rather die than go see the Wiggles.

As Hayden says, "Ah, good times, good times."