Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Saying Grace

Usually we say grace every night. Lately Hayden has been saying it. First he makes sure everyone hands are the way he likes them, together and straight. Then he just checks if anyone has started eating. Then he proceeds. It is different every night but goes something like this, "Thank you God for teachers and brothers and parents and all our blessings. Thank you God for milk, napkins and spaghetti. Goodbye, Amen." It is very cute and it is really hard not to giggle.

My favorite was when Griffin's grace included "Thank you God for cheese sauce."

Today Hayden and I tried to run again. It was impossible, the trail was snow packed making Hayden bounce all over. So we walked.

2.63 miles in 45:05. Yes, slow but it was bumpy.

Then to redeem myself I went to the middle school track later and finally calibrated my nike + ipod system. So 1/4 mile walking and 1/4 mile running. Decided to try a 30 minute workout and did 2.77 miles.

Total for today 5.9 miles...my legs are sore.

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