Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Carter has some OCD traits. He will only eat out a ceramic (not even plastic) bowl. He says the plastic doesn't get clean. He was thrilled when he recieved a toy storage / organizational center for his third birthday.

Now Hayden has insisted when we comb his hair that it is flat all over. He will sometimes comb it himself, as long as it takes to make it flat. Nothing sticking up, nothing combed back, just flat. He is only 3.

Hayden is not a vegetable eater. He said he will never, never, never, ever eat broccoli. He also loves chicken soup, but hates when it has the green stuff (celery) or orange stuff (carrots). We found good ol Campbell's doesn't have either. Yeah for Campbell's, I am tired of straining out veggies.

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