Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Run

Yes, I went for a run. I mostly walked. In my defense, I was pushing 39 pounds of solid boy in the jog stroller over mostly snow packed, hilly trails. It will be interesting to do this course again without my passenger to check my time. It was a great trail. I am constantly amazed at the great parks and trail systems we have in El Paso County. We are certainly blessed to have these amenities in our area.

Saturday January 12th: 3.82 miles, 52:55 with Hayden in stroller.

I love my Nike+. It is the coolest gadget. I love coming home from a run (ok, a walk...whatever) and downloading the data. It is one of the reasons I love getting out and running. I might be just a tad competitive and this lets me race against myself and others all over the world. I love Nike+.

Since I am also trying to watch what I fuel this running machine with, I have been following the WW core plan. Today was a great day, right up until the big guys went to the hockey game. Hayden decided since we were left home, we should have a treat. "Bananas?" I ask. "I want the green ice cream with the chocolate chips," he said. Good choice, I can always run again tomorrow....

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