Monday, April 6, 2009

x-rated mail

I am not talking about penial enlargement ads over email.

I am talking about mail that came right to my mailbox.

Mail that I sent the boys to go collect.

Mail that they looked at on the way across the yard.

The "handwritten" note inside the ad reads:
"This is the softest thing I've ever worn. Feel for won't be able to stop touching it!
XOX Miranda"

HELLO MIRANDA, I have prepubescent boys over here! Put some damn clothes on and stop telling my boys to touch your bra!


Your secret is out. Put on some clothes and watch what you send to my house.

Mom of three boys


Elaine A. said...

Oh my... maybe opt out of getting mail from them? ; )

Hillary Dickman said...

VS was banned from our house long ago because it was not good for my self-esteem, not to mention my girls' self-esteem.

Go to to get rid of all those pesky catalogs. They allow you to keep track of which one's you've asked to stop sending you mail and they do all the legwork for you. It seriously rocks.

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Oh my!

MeKimka said...

I saw that commercial last night on TV, and I thought, "doesn't that girl feel stupid running through a garden in her bra and high heels?" and then I ran around the backyard in my underwear. Now my neighbors are blocking me. Thanks VS, way to go.

Carol said...

Yikes! Shouldn;t she just be grateful to have Orlando Bloom to herself and put some clothes on?

Laural Out Loud said...

We received something similar to that not too long ago, and when my daughter asked why the people were naked (both men and women), I just told her they were Brasilian, lol. She didn't bat an eye! But I'm going to have to look more closely at the mail I let her carry in, because it wasn't cool. What are people thinking?

momto3cubs said...

Ugh, I would be so ticked off! Good grief, it's practically p@rn. I wouldn't want my 11 yr old seeing that.

Weber said...

Sad to say but my boys fight over those things! Mean mommy makes them throw them away!

Michele Renee said...

We've never rec'd mail from VS but when we used to see a lot of commercials my boys would cover their eyes.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Holy smokin' junk mail!

You'd think they'd put that sort of thing in white wrap or something to keep the skeevy postMEN from stealing the circulars. Well, I suppose there could be some skeevy postWOMEN out there too.

Either way, Oiy!

4funboys said...


can't even let the boys watch ESPN without the DVR to fast forward every flipping commercial.

ridiculous... really!