Monday, April 20, 2009

10 years ago

A day that was so sad and frightening. It happened so close to us, just up the highway. How could it have happened here? What was going through those kids' minds? The shooters and the victims. Columbine High School. The news coverage, the videos, the stories, the shock. A tragedy.

Another story.

My cousin and her husband. Bought a house with a future family in mind. Started saving for their children's college before they were pregnant. They enjoyed married life for a few years and then they decided to try to get pregnant. It was not easy. They were not lucky enough to get pregnant easily. They continued to try. They would be great parents.

They came to our wedding. Six months later I am pregnant. They are not. I feel guilty. We weren't even trying.

My smart and oh so wise cousin says, "Laura, don't feel guilty. You being pregnant does not reduce my chance of getting pregnant." I cried, damn pregnancy horomones.

I gave birth to Carter in January of 1998. Six months later their miracle occurred. They became pregnant with twins. The pregnancy was difficult. There were long periods of bed rest. And finally the big day came.

April 20, 1999.

She gave birth to the most adorable babies; a girl and a boy. It was a day of celebration for our family, so happy that they finally had the family they prayed for everyday.

Ten years ago I was watching the news coverage and thinking I am so glad the twins were born today, so we can have some joy and happiness on this day that will be forever defined by the actions of two disturbed teenagers.

There can be happiness and joy and hope for the future.

Happy 10th Birthday Kristen and Steven.


Michele Renee said...

Happy B-day to the Twins. I also have a boy born in January 1998.
(and 1996 and 2000). said...

I'm the Grammy of those wonderful ten year olds. Thanks, Laura for such a beautiful essay. Your Mom is reading it from Heaven and is so proud of you. Love you lots & see you soon!!
Aunt Selma

MeKimka said...

Of course I remember that day oh so clearly. I was at work trying to listen for the $1000 money song instead of making phone calls when the news broke and we all stood around just waiting to hear that everything was going to be OK. 10 years later it still sends chills when I watch my little one get on that bus and take for granted that she'll have a normal day as all those kids thought. Thank God there is also a happy occasion to mark that date. Thanks Laura and Happy Birthday to your cousins.

Elaine A. said...

Happy Birthday to your cousins. What a wonderful way for you to look at them sharing such an anniversary on their big day...

Kristen said...

Did I ever tell you that yours in one of my favorite blogs to read- I hope they have a happy birthday as well. By the way they have great names (this has nothing to do with the fact that my name is Kristen and my husband is Steven).

Cousin Deb said...

As usual Laura, so beautifully written.

Cousin Kathleen said...

As the blessed and lucky mother of those sweet 10 year old twins, I loved the story, Laura! It was so touching how you wove the two stories of one of the biggest days of my life together. Thanks for the tears of remembrance.

Aunt Tina said...

Laura this was beautiful thanks for the tears :) Kristen and Steven happy 10th birthday we LOVE you both.

Aunt Tina, Uncle Mike, Kevin, Ashley and Aidan

I Am Boymom said...

Isn't it amazing how a child (or children) coming into the world can totally change one's perspective of tragedy? Thanks for posting such a beautiful tribute to your family.

tiger said...